Take back your power of who you are.



I shoot boudoir to celebrate women and their femininity. 

I am here to help you celebrate yourself and to love yourself no matter what stage you are in life.

“We all have a story. The difference is: do you use the story to empower yourself? Or do you use your story to keep yourself a victim? The question itself empowers you to change your life.”

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Meet Your New Friend


Hi! My name is Anna and One More Picture is my Pride.

I'm here to listen and support. I am here for You. You're doing your best, you are great and I am here to show you this in case you forgot about it. 

I am here to show women of every age and shape that they are beautiful and powerful women who can do absolutely anything!


Things I love: Good music. Lazy weekends. Travelling and discovering beautiful places. Tattoos. Strangers' smiles. Coffee. Online shopping. Laughing to tears. Goofy dancing to the music from 80' with my fiance. Poem. Motivational stories. Floral fragrances. Good food. Gratitude. Capturing beauty.





The Experience


Plan every little detail of your session at your pre-session consultation. I want to get to know you, who you are, what you love and what you dream. You can ask as many questions as you like, this is a collaboration and the images are worth every second of effort we put in at this stage.

I will send you the questionnaire and based on it I will get to know you and create a customized session for you. I’m going to be here to guide you through this entire experience from what to wear, to hair and makeup, and also how to do all the poses.

You get to go shopping! It's the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some beautiful new lingerie. Also pick up some more casual looks such as loose fitting jumpers and tops for your first look, these will help you relax into the shoot.

Your Special Day

Come into the studio for a life changing boudoir portrait session. Nervous? Don't worry about a thing. I will guide you through the process and make you look and feel your best!

Professional hair and makeup is also included in the Session Fee! You’ll arrive to the Studio with a clean, moisturized face and clean, dry hair. Then we’ll get you started in hair and makeup and the transformation will begin! The photo shoot itself is also included; it’s about 1-1,5 hour of shoot time, but the entire experience including hair and makeup does take 2,5-3 hours just so that you can plan for that. The last thing included in the Session Fee is professional retouching! That’s a little bit of Photoshop, typically some skin smoothing or bags under the eyes.

I’ll also be showing you some images on the back of the camera right from the beginning and as we go through the shoot, so you’ll be able to see right away like “wow!” That always makes people feel much more comfortable, and by the end of the shoot every single woman I’ve ever photographed has turned into a super model!

The key is to just be you. You're not expected to know anything, you can trust me to guide you through each pose, and through each pose explore the unique you.

Image Selection + Ordering

1-2 weeks after your photo shoot you will get to see your pictures. I will narrow them down to the best of the best with light editing, and then we go through them together one by one. You choose which images you wish to purchase.


It isn’t just about the "pretty photos".  It’s really not about the photos at all. It’s about your transformation. It’s about accepting who you are in your own skin and celebrating that. It is about telling your story and reconnecting with Your Authentic Self.


Boudoir has the power to make you actually believe in your beauty and feel empowered.

 The photographs will be taken in an artistic and sophisticated style in your favourite outfits and accessories.


This is a great opportunity to change the way you look at yourself. You are unique. Your ideas, your experience, your mind. This makes you beautiful. Own it! Beauty comes from inside. It's your smile, your eyes and your way of seeing things. I want to help you to see it.

Allow me to create a once in a lifetime experience for you to cherish for years to come.